Are You Facing Foreclosure?  

Transition Aid Grant

Real Financial and Emotional Relief

Our privately funded, non-repayable Transition Aid Grant, has an immediate positive impact on your quality of life, and future credit standing when compared to a deed-in-lieu, short sale, or cash-for-keys with your lender.    

What does it cover - When we purchase your home for a fair price, the Transition Aid Grant alleviates you from paying the typical 8-10% Seller's Expenses.  Meaning, a homeowner would save $24,000-$30,000 selling us a home for $300,000

I am a Marine Corps Veteran, Father, victim of foreclosure,  and I am using my 20+ years of wholesaling foreclosures to provide a better solution for all!  My name is Rich Gettemy, I am the driving force behind the Transition Aid Grant, helping other families avoid the same fate!